Welcome to Mata Ganga Khalsa College

I am very proud to share that our college, MGKC, under the management of SGPC is an eminent Higher Educational Institution today and renowned for standards of its Faculties, Students and Alumni. It is constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge and ensures the futuristic approach that keeps pace with the changing trends of the professional world. It is matter of pride and privilege   for me to see all of you doing well as Teachers & Students. Let me remind you that, academic success has always been cherished tenfold when coupled with achievements in the various other non- academic arenas. I wish and hope that all of you continue with same zest and contribute nobly as future pillars of the nation.

            I wish the students studying at MGKC all the very best in their future endeavors and grand success to the faculties in their efforts to impart excellent education. God Bless.

Advocate S. Harjinder Singh Dhami


Sri Amritsar Sahib


Mata Ganga Khalsa College

Manji Sahib,Kottan

GT Road, Ludhiana-141412




Office : mgkcollege@yahoo.co.in